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PAR University College (PAR) is the only private college in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County of Croatia accredited by the Ministry of Science and Education. PAR offers bachelor degrees in business management with close entrepreneurial sector collaboration and with about 220 present and 150 alumni students. PAR teaching staff comprise of 25 professors, all experienced professionals from academic and real sector.

PAR University College gives a lot of significance to lifelong learning and professional development through its dedicated Centre by offering various types of non-formal education. The topical offer of trainings, seminars and workshops include: entrepreneurship, management, personal development, branding, sales, marketing, leadership, public relations, finance, and EU project management. The college is a member of a number of prestigious international networks such as Businet, NICE Network, EAEC, EAS whose communication channels are used to increase the visibility and disseminating potential of PAR’s activities.

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HeartHands Solutions (HESO) is a dynamic consultancy offering a vast range of services bridging the gap between the commercial and public/EU funding ecosystems.

HESO’s service provision ranges from business development and public funding acquisition to custom implementation, training and technology transfer. All services are offered with focus on high quality of results which is what separates HESO from most consultancies that distance themselves from technical implementations leaving their customers exposed.

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We’re an award winning digital solutions provider with almost two decades of industry leading experience. We help businesses succeed through effective, usable technology by combining our expertise in user experience design, development and hosting to provide digital solutions that work.

Our reputation is built on customer service, innovation, value for money and market-leading expertise. We continue to work on high profile, creative, technically complex projects, and help our clients improve the services delivered to their users.

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ERFC taking stock from a host of EU networks of excellence, in which its founders participated or initiated, is established in a converge region (Western Greece), with an ever expanding network of offices in other Greek & EU Regions. ERFC aims at serving as a best example of bottom up Institution Building effort towards EU Integration and regional competitiveness, playing a key role in contributing in the implementation of EU Regulations and Directives through its participation in EU funded networks & projects, at interregional level. Mainstreaming EU project recommendations into National & Regional policies is its ultimate goal. Territorial Co-operation is enhanced as ERFC’s members and associates are key EU Integration executive persons, Public Bodies, Academic Institutions and Civil Societies, primarily from EU but also from the rest of the word, securing the creation of economies of scale.

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We are a consulting, training and ICT development private company in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning aiming at actively promoting the development of the Knowledge Society, through the use of digital environments for Education and Training.
Virtual Campus creates and organizes e-platforms and e-courses, designs and develops multimedia contents, promotes virtual communities of practice, develops serious games and virtual environments for education and training, etc. Virtual Campus has wide experience in managing EU funded projects and has established a large network with universities, public institutions, enterprises’ associations, non-profit organizations, among others, at national and European level.

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UPI-LJUDSKA UNIVERZA ŽALEC is a public, non-profit institution for education and training of adults in the Savinja Valley region, Slovenia. It is specialized in diverse range of formal and non-formal education programmes. Further, it provides quality guidance and counselling services to different target groups of adults such as the unemployed, migrants, NEETs, seniors and adults in general. In our numerous national and international projects (Erasmus+) we closely work with stakeholders on the local, national as well as the European level. We are committed to the path of lifelong learning and constantly strive to improve our education programmes according to the needs of our target groups.

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The European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – aims to embrace the challenges brought by the digital revolution in terms of digital skills mismatch, toward an inclusive digital society. The 47% of Europeans is not properly digitally skilled – yet in the near future 90% of jobs will require some level of digital skills and numerous opportunities in terms of jobs that are going to shape the labour market. Our aims are characterized by 4 key-words: SHARE, CONNECT, MULTIPLY, ENHANCE. DLEARN is a collector of practices and ideas, gathering diverse organizations in Europe to reflect, think and trigger new initiatives, toward the valorisation and the enhancement of digital learning. 

The network was born from the initiative of 20 different organizations from all over Europe, active in the field of education and digital learning at various levels.