Intellectual Output 1

Elaboration of the Methodological Framework

IO1.A1.1-AUDID Country Reports

IO1-A1.2-AUDID Methodological Framework

Curriculum & Trainer’s Guide Development

Module 1: Identity Theories (PDF, Video)

Module 2: Online Identities & Profiling (PDF, Video)

Module 3: Online Safety & Prevention (PDF, Video)

Module 4: Good practices regarding interactive didactics (PDF, Video)

Module 5: Educational technology (PDF, Video)

Delivery Environment

Intellectual Output 2

Dynamic Demonstrator

The Dynamic Demonstrator is a web-based digital tool that can be used also independently from the AUDiD curriculum. It is custom-developed to educate adults about online identities and potential risks through real-life scenarios.

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Intellectual Output 3

Open Badges

The Open Badges Framework defines all the assessment tools, learning goals and criteria to earn a badge within the Delivery Environment.

You can download the framework from here!

Intellectual Output 4

AUDID Academy and Network

Do you want to be part of the AUDiD Network?

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