The Problem

Adults today spend plenty of time online while this is expected to increase as Smartphones are used by a growing number of adult population.

However, adult users are exposed to dangers when online because of not being able to fully comprehend how random data they make public can manifest into the building blocks of an online identity.

This is where the AUDID targets, to help adults understand the dangers from online identities and be in better position to protect themselves while online.

The solution

Adults should understand the significance of data provided and received. Incoming and outgoing data should be validated applying critical thinking.

The only way to do this properly is by understanding how seemingly random data fragments can make up parts of an identity. This is not easy to grasp while there is no specific way to teach adults about it.

AUDID will provide a Learning Motivation Environment delivering an interactive curriculum to enhance critical thinking, complemented by easy to use tools (i.e. a dynamic demonstrator) that will enhance understanding on the subject.